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Poster: Fact_Checker Date: Aug 14, 2009 3:19pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Are Star Trek Bloopers OK?

Just to be clear: I was never referring to "The Cage" as an unpublished episode. I specifically wrote about those "that Paramount willingly exhibited" AND "some reels that they (presumably) never authorized to be shown outside the studio."

Video-Cellar correctly recognized that the first group were the first-season episodes; all you had to do was follow the link to the court decision to see that. The second group ("some reels that [Paramount] (presumably) never authorized to be shown...") were the blooper reels.

Guyzilla discusses "The Cage" having been "air[ed] in it's [sic] original form [after] more than 20 years," so it obviously falls into neither of the categories I discussed. Paramount can argue that material in "The Cage" not previously published in "The Menagerie" began copyright in the 1980s, with VHS release and/or television distribution.

It has occurred to me that perhaps Paramount did eventually issue the blooper reels as supplements on DVD (or earlier homevideo format). If so, and if Paramount put on a copyright notice stating that all new material on the tape or disc is copyrighted effective the year of the homevideo edition, they did what they needed to for copyright purposes. This assumes they did so on the first authorized release and assumes also that they hadn't neglected legal action in the past to such an extent that copyright was abandoned. If Paramount's release of the bloopers (if any--I frankly don't know if there has been any authorized release of the bloopers) first occurred during the DVD era, copyright notice and registration wouldn't even be necessary (owing to the change in the laws).

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